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Thank you so much for all of your suggestions about my tablet, everyone! c: I ended up going to the Wacom website and downloading the newest driver for it, and that solved all my issues. So now, I can get back to painting! Hooray!


Here's a list of the projects I'm currently working on or have concepts worked out for (in no particular order):
   Bullet; White A drawing of a friend's character (Silver-Tao111)
   Bullet; White A contest entry
   Bullet; White Stained glass window art of Mulan, Belle, Pocahontas, Ariel, Aurora, and others...
   Bullet; White Graphic series - "The Light"
   Bullet; White Emily drawing, from here: WIP Emily
   Bullet; White An Espeon drawing, from Pokémon ('cause he's the best!)
   Bullet; White Sword Art Online - Asuna and Kirito painting
   Bullet; White Final Fantasy - Leon portrait

*Italic: Done

Thanks to everyone who has been favoriting and leaving feedback on my work! I really appreciate it, and I'm open to any critique you have to offer!

I just finished Sword Art Online, and let me tell you... That was an amazing anime. Just loved it! And now it's over!

Anyway... Have a nice day! :bademoticon: 
  • Listening to: What Does the Fox Say? - as sung by my fiancé. xD
  • Watching: Sword Art Online
  • Playing: Pokémon Fire Red
  • Eating: Cinnamon Roll
  • Drinking: Water
Silver-Tao111 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This makes me truly happy :iconexciteddummyplz: SO HAPPY

I love your art so dis is beautiful!

And guess what

I saw sword art online on the weird toonami thing last night


i recorded it for all eternity >u>
CaranDulin Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Aw, I'm glad! xD Thanks a bunch!

Oh, you did, though? Are you in love yet? c: There's only 25 episodes, though...

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November 10, 2013


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